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Amateur Radio call sign K2HR

The Alive Network ARC was formed in the 1990's by founding partners Steve Jacobson (N2SJ-SK), Tom Casabianca (K2VZG-SK) and Bernie Berger (NY4Z) with the assistance of several other ham radio operators. Most of our club repeaters go under the club call K2HR or trustee call NY4Z.
The primary concentration of our club is to provide reliable amateur radio repeater systems which are used for public service, emergency communications or just plain old fun conversations between licensed amateur radio operators.
Many of our repeaters are located in and around the New York Metropolitan area and Florida.

Over the past several years we have been installing DMR repeater systems at prime sites in the NY area in a joint venture with Bronx TRBO DMR network. We have named this joint project the
New York Metro DMR Repeater Network.
Please feel free to enjoy our analog and DMR systems.
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