Amateur Radio Related links:

American Radio Relay League- excellent source for information on Amateur Radio

DMR-MARC Website- largest DMR network website, includes DMR information and worldwide repeater list.

Brandmeister repeater network- DMR network with many repeaters around the world

DMRX Network- Supplies multiple talk groups to the DMR community worldwide

Upper New York Repeater Council- repeater coordinating body for a large portion of New York State.

Metropolitan Repeater Coordination Association- Provides repeater coordination for amateur radio repeaters in the NY metroploitan area

New York repeater directory - Excellent database of repeaters in the New York Metro area

Repeater builder technical information page-great resource for those folks who want to build repeaters.

N2NSA repeater page-- wide area repeater in the Bronx . Has lots of good info on packet and the repeater system

Yonkers Amateur Radio Club- Repeater club in Yonkers, NY

Westchester Emergency Communications Association- Wide area repeater system in Westchester County, NY

Other links:

Psychservices- Dr Mikes psychology and photography website

Randys German Shepherd Rescue- great place to adopt rescued German Shepherd dogs.